Applications, Forms & Permits:
Draft Industrial General Permit
General Construction Stormwater Permit
General Industrial Stormwater Permit
Link to SWRCB Construction General Permit
Link to SWRCB Industrial Permit Site
Third Party Discharge - Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District

New! Low Impact Development (LID) BMP Design Handbook (not for use in the Whitewater Watershed)

Stormwater and Water Conservation Tracking Tool
Water Quality Management Plan:
     Santa Ana Watershed      Santa Margarita Watershed      Whitewater Watershed
   Santa Ana WQMP SMR WQMP (2014)    Whitewater WQMP Guidance Document
• Exhibit A – Isoheytal Map    Whitewater WQMP Template
• Exhibit B – WQMP Template    Whitewater BMP Design Handbook for          Low Impact Development
• Exhibit C – LID BMP Design Handbook    Bioretention Facility Design Worksheet
• Exhibit G - Glossary    Extended Detention Basin Design Worksheet
  SMR HMP (2014) – Exhibit F to the 2014 WQMP    Infiltration Basin Design Worksheet
  • Appendix D – Hydromodification Susceptibility       Report and Mapping    Infiltration Trench Design Worksheet
     o Appendix A & B – PWA Watershed Study    Landscaped Filter Strip Design Worksheet
     o Map 1    Landscaped Swales Design Worksheet
     o Map 2    Permeable Pavement Design Worksheet
  • Appendix G – SMR Hydrology Model    Sand Filter Basin Design Worksheet
  • Appendix G – SMR Hydrology Model Guidance       Manual    Volume and Flow Based Design Worksheets –             Whitewater
  • Appendix J – Flow Control Threshold Analysis       Rpt (2011 SD HMP)
  • Appendix K – SMR HMP Evaluation Program
Maps and Exhibits:
Santa Ana Santa Margarita Whitewater
     Riverside, Corona, Norco Areas Riverside County Watersheds Banning Area
     Lake Elsinore, Canyon Lake, Perris, Wildomar,
          Murrieta and Menifee Areas
NPDES GIS Web Map Smith Creek Channel Area
     San Jacinto and Hemet Areas Watershed Overview Map Cottonwood Channel Area
     Moreno Valley, Calimesa and Beaumont Areas MS4 and Land Use Maps Desert Hot Springs and Palm Springs Areas
     Santa Ana River and Tributaries Watershed MS4 Map Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert Areas
     Impairment Map Impairment Map Coachella, Indio, La Quinta Areas
     Unincorporated Thermal and Mecca Areas

Other BMP Information:
     BMP Performance Report Library
     CASQA BMP Handbooks
     Caltrans BMP Technology Report

Definitions / Acronyms:
     Santa Ana DAMP Glossary

Additional Links:
     Riverside County Transportation Dept. Map of Whitewater Watershed
     Riverside County Transportation Dept. Construction Webpage
     State Water Board Construction Permit Search Database
     State Water Board Industrial Permit Search Database