Flood Watch, Flood Warning, Flash Flood Warnings, Flash Flood Watch
Floods can take several hours to days to develop

* A flood watch means a flood is possible in your area.

* A flood warning means flooding is already occurring or will occur soon in your area. If it is raining a lot, or if you are in a mountainous area, it’s a good idea to keep listening to local radio or TV stations (not stations in locations away from where you are). If you hear about a flash flood watch for your area, it’s a good idea to stay on high ground.

If you hear a flash flood warning, climb to higher ground immediately. Leave your car, camping gear, or other belongings where they are. You may have only minutes to escape. Flash floods can happen without warning. If you hear a rumbling sound, if animals are running away from where your are, or if you feel the ground shaking, climb to higher ground immediately.

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Flood Safety